I go by many names, but in this sphere you can call me m7rk.
Here is a real life picture of me.


I graduated college a few years ago with a degree in “programming”. Worked corporate jobs for a while in the midwest.
One day in October I decided it was not for me.
So I quit, put my guitars and computer in my car, and drove to Nevada to start over.
It's going well. It's good here. I like it.

The move out here also marked my first serious foray into game development.
I have no idea how well Burrow will do, but I'm going to keep creating until I'm dead.
I don't even care, it's too much fun and I would be betraying myself if I didn't.


I'm a huge fan of collaborative art.
At this point in my life, this manifests itself primarily in the form of the mighty “game jam”,
which are 48-72 hour game development competitions. In a nutshell, build a team and make a game as fast as you can!
I do several of these every year. If you'd like to collaborate on the next one I join please hit me up on twitter!
Artist, Musicians, Programmers, first timers welcome.


You can win me over with Pad Thai, Coltrane records, and Bourbon.
In a pinch, a good Vegetarian Burrito, LCD Soundsystem, and a cheap IPA will do.
Im a fan of snowboarding, poker, and kinography.
I also enjoy fancying myself as a reptile online, for some reason.
(If you have any tips as to why I appreciate that last bit, please let me know, it keeps me up at night.)